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Kronosaurus Korner
Queensland, Australia



Kronosaurus Korner is a museum and dig site in Richmond, Queensland offering two different dig experiences. Find out about each and what to bringDigging@Dawn, Mini Palaeo Adventure.


The area is rich in fossils. One hundred million years ago, when Australia was still attached to Antarctica, the giant inland Eromanga sea and surrounding area was home to fish, reptiles and a dizzying array of marine creatures.

Within the pliosaur family, lived one of the largest and deadliest of marine reptiles called the Kronosaurus, which had a characteristically massive head, short neck and broad flippers. 


Fossils of these marine reptiles are abundant  in Richmond, Queensland and at Kronosaurus Korner, budding palaeontologists can work right alongside researchers to uncover the remains of these and other prehistoric creatures. At Kronosaurus Korner, you are invited to join in exploring the rich geo-heritage of northwest Queensland.

Mini Paleo

What To Bring

On all Kronosaurus Korner digs, you will be experiencing life as an actual palaeontologist, which means you will need to dress accordingly. Be prepared for dust dirt and sun. Richmond is part of the Australian ‘Outback', where temperatures can vary widely. Please be prepared for various weather conditions. In addition to brining an enormous sense of adventure, Please bring:

  • Sunscreen, lip balm

  • Wide-brimmed hat

  • Sunglasses

  • Boots or similar sturdy footwear.
    No sandals or bare feet allowed

  • Water

  • Camera

What to bring
Michelle Johnston.jpg

Michelle Johnston
Paleontologist, Curator & Interpretation Manager
Kronosaurus Korner

  1. What makes your site significant?
    The sites in the Richmond region are significant because of the diversity of fossils – both marine and terrestrial found here – evidence of the Eromanga Sea that engulfed most of Western Queensland over 100 million years ago. 

  2. What has been most surprising about your discoveries at this location?
    What surprises us on a regular basis is the diversity and preservation of the fossils found. This continually expands our knowledge of the ecosystems of the Eromanga Sea.  

  3. What are your current research objectives at your site? 
    Our current research objectives are to continue to collect significant fossils (including microfossils) to broaden our understanding of the Eromanga Sea ecosystems. We continue to attract and encourage researchers to work on and publish material within the Kronosaurus Korner collection.  As the research is continued, this information is made available to the public and through outreach and education programs. With each passing dig season, more pieces of the Eromanga Sea puzzle are put back together – it’s very exciting.  

  4. What was most important or rewarding find at this site?
    There have been many significant finds in the local region, including Kunburrasaurus, Polycotylid, Kronosaurus, Pterosaurs, fish, dinosaurs and many others. These have come from Cattle Stations (ranches) or from sites accessible to the public. Everyone has the opportunity to potentially find the next significant find – it doesn’t matter if you’re a novice or seasoned professional.

Fossils found:   

Kronosaurus queenslandicus

Kunburrasaurus ieversi

Richmond Polycotylid (yet to be formally described)
Period: Cretaceous
Formation: Toolebuc Limestone

Option 1: Digging@Dawn

  • Ages 4+

  • Mondays and Wednesdays from 8:00-10:00am
    from April to October

Experience the thrill of hunting for your own fossils that have been nurtured by nature for millions of years! The tour will teach adventurers how to find, identify and excavate their very own 100 million year old fossils left behind by the ancient inland sea. 


Join the ‘Digging@Dawn’ tour which offers a journey through the discovery and reconstruction of Australia’s ancient past. Glimpse an insight into the science that breathes life back into the ‘real life monsters’ that once haunted Australia’s Early Cretaceous period.

Cost and What's Included

  • Adults: AU$60

  • Concession: AU$50 (With senior or pension cards)

  • Children 5-16 years old: AU$40

  • Family of 2 Adults + up to 4 Children: AU$150


Starting at Kronosaurus Korner at 8.00am, the full tour typically takes around 2 hours, although guests are welcome to stay longer at the fossil hunting sites if they wish. This will include a short 10 minute drive (in your own vehicle).

  • Brief site introduction and discussion about the proper fossil collection techniques.

  • Kronosaurus Korner will provide tools needed at the dig site.

  • No accommodations included

Option 2: Mini Palaeo Adventure

  • Ages 4+

  • Tuesdays/Thursdays/Saturdays in June/July and September/October during school holidays

Mini Palaeo Adventure Family Friendly day digs offered Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday during June/July & September/October school holidays.

Looking for a unique holiday experience the whole family can participate in? Kronosaurus Korner will be holding family friendly day digs on a real field experience during the school holidays! By special request, our Curator has obtained permission to share one of her favourite dig sites that is not normally open to the public.

The Mini Palaeo Adventure begins at 7:30 am at Kronosaurus Korner with a return at 2:30 pm. We prefer that guests drive themselves to the site. Limited transport to the site can be arranged in advance.

Cost and What's Included

  • Adults: AU$150

  • Concession: AU$120

  • Children: ages 4+: AU$100

  • Family of 2 Adults + up to 2 Children: AU$370

  • Family of 2 Adults + up to 4 Children: AU$450

*Ages 16 or under must be accompanied by an adult

  • Training and Tools

  • Museum Entry

  • Morning Tea

  • Lunch

  • Kronosaurus Korner Souvenir Guide

  • Kronosaurus Korner Fossil Hunting Guide

  • No accommodations included

2022 Dates
Mondays & Wednesdays from April-October

Digging @ Dawn
Prices vary by age

Participation is subject to availability and is at the full discretion of the dig location. Prices and dates dates subject to change. 


2022 Dates
Mini Palaeo Adventure: 
Tuesdays & Thursdays  in June, July, September and October during school holidays

Mini Palaeo Adventure
Prices vary by age

Clicking the above link will take you directly to this dig's page. Participation is subject to availability and is at the full discretion of the dig location. Prices and dates dates subject to change. 

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