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Paleo X
Jordan, MT



Set your inner paleontologist free with Paleo X on the complete eXperience for those wanting to enjoy the thrill of eXploration in the badlands and the eXcitement of discovering real dinosaur fossils. But it is more than just finding and working on fossils with professional paleontologists and experienced field staff. You will be immersed in the paleontology, geology and history of the Montana badlands. Paleo X partners with multiple research partners in the U.S. All the fossils we collect in the field will be sent to one of our museum or research partners for study. Whether you are interested in a fun learning vacation or looking for hardcore paleontology field experience, there's something here for you. 

Paleo X excavations are located near Jordan, Montana, which is deep in the badlands of North America and one of the most fossil-rich areas in the U.S.. The region is remote with a picturesque mix of deep river canyons and prairie wilderness which are home to antelope, wild turkeys, elk and in our deep history, one of the biggest of them all. It’s here in the Hell Creek Formation that the first Tyrannosaurus Rex was discovered in the early 20th century. Join this expedition and be a part of a 150-year history of paleontology that the area is known for.

What to Expect:


Paleo X focus on a well-rounded educational experience. Our participants experience all aspects of field paleontology from surface surveying, excavation, microsite collection, geology and more. Paleo X tailors our paleontology field program to provide experiences for people of all abilities and interests. All participants can look forward to excavating the specimens they find. 

What's Included in the Cost:


Both the 1-week and 2-week programs include lodging at a local hotel, Billings airport pickup and dropoff, ground transportation to and from the site, breakfast and lunch daily, first and last evening dinners, fees, field supplies, presentations, and other activities. All excavation and survey tools are also provided.  Laundry facilities are available in Jordan.

What to Bring:

All the tools needed for fossil-hunting will be provided, but feel free to bring your own if you’d like. Please come prepared for the very changeable weather in this remote area of Montana. You'll want to pack:

  • Brimmed hat

  • Sunglasses

  • Sunscreen  

  • Insect repellent

  • Comfortable lightweight hiking shoes or boots with good tread and that lace above the ankle 

  • Lightweight pants and/or shorts.

  • Lightweight long- and short-sleeved shirt

  • Light jacket, windbreaker, sweater or sweatshirt

  • Lightweight rain poncho

  • Two 28-ounce water bottles and small backpack or daypack

There is so much more to see in this part of the world


Here is a sampling of other things to do in the area:​

Fossils found:   
T. rex, triceratops, hadrosaurs, pachycephalosarus, crocodilians and ancient turtles

Period: Late Cretaceous
Formation: Hell Creek

2023 Dates
June 18-24

Paleo X Dig
$1,299/1 week

$500 deposit due by May 31

Clicking the above link will take you directly to this dig's booking page


Participation is subject to availability and is at the full discretion of the dig location. Prices and dates dates subject to change. 

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