Saturday September 18th is Museum Day

Every year, Smithsonian magazine hosts an annual celebration to encourage visits to participating museums, zoos and cultural centers around the United States. After being canceled in 2020 due to the pandemic, this year, over 1,000 museums are providing free entry to anyone presenting a Museum Day ticket. Each ticket provides general admission for the ticket holder plus one guest.

To find natural history and science museums in each of the 50 states, Get a Ticket, then select your state. You must download your free tickets in advance for entry, so if you want to be inspired and learn more about archeology, paleontology, history and culture, find and download your tickets as soon as you can.

Museum Day isn’t limited to only natural history museums. The Smithsonian museum day website also lists children’s museums, art, air & space museums and zoos and gardens. Nurture your sense of discovery and treat yourself to a cultural experience this Saturday, September 18th.

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