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Why should I go on a voluntourism trip?

Are you thinking about going on a voluntourism vacation? For those who are drawn to sustainable tourism and experiential travel, voluntourism is a transformative way to give back while also immersing yourself in a new culture.

But first, what is voluntourism exactly?

Voluntourism is a portmanteau of the words volunteer and tourism. Individuals take part in some type of community service while engaging in the culture and lifestyle of that place. The work is primarily for a charity or community-based organization. Voluntourism can be in agriculture, science, health care, education or social and economic development. Assisting with projects that are important to the community (and world) as a whole is among the most rewarding experiences out there.

Examples of Voluntourism

One current voluntourism trip takes place in the Nepali Himalayas. During this vacation, you have the opportunity to hike through the Himalayas of Nepal and India. For those interested in a trip that crosses the road less traveled, this is a perfect volunteer opportunity. Once hiking through the mountains, you will have the opportunity to install micro solar panels to provide both electricity and light to remote villages.

Another unique travel experience can be found in Namibia. The Noah’s Ark project provides a rewarding experience working on a sustainable nature reserve and as a temporary shelter for injured or neglected lion, leopards, cheetahs, baboons, meerkats and baboons. In Namibia, these animals are often shot or trapped by local farmers to protect livestock and agriculture. The Noah’s Ark project rehabilitates animals to their natural health and releases them into monitored reserves. The program also educates local farmers to engender a trusting relationship.

Archaeology and Paleontology Voluntourism

Scientists from around the world also need our help, especially paleontologists and archaeologists who are usually not well-funded. Many excavations are done with limited resources and manpower, which means more opportunity to discover fossils and ancient artifacts of your very own. For history or science nerds, or anyone interested in digging up history, archeological and paleontological voluntourism is the perfect travel opportunity. What better way to contribute to local communities and the world as a whole than this truly immersive travel experience? If you’re considering an archaeology dig, excavations accepting volunteers are available around the world. So, pick a place that interests you and pack your bags! If dinosaurs and fossils are of interest, there are plenty of exciting paleontology digs that for people of all ages.

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