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Experience the thrill of discovery firsthand on paleontology and archaeology digs

Discovery Beckons

Imagine unearthing a dinosaur fossil never before seen by the human eye, or discovering an ancient artifact that has been hidden in the sand for millennia.

Now, with Ancient Odysseys, embracing your inner Indiana Jones or Alan Grant is within your reach.

Ancient Odysseys has searched the globe, working directly with archaeologists and paleontologists to offer you fossil digs, dinosaur digs and archaeological digs for a once-in-a-lifetime vacation for you and your family.

Each excavation site we feature is a true scientific endeavor, where you’ll be working on-site, right alongside professional archaeologists and paleontologists as the ultimate "citizen scientist."

For the most rewarding vacation you’ll ever have,

(and the ultimate bragging rights), experience one of Ancient Odysseys’ paleontology or archaeology digs on your next vacation. There are price points and time commitments to suit everybody.

Find paleontology (including dinosaur bones) digs and archaeology digs by clicking the links at the bottom of each page.

Ancient Odysseys. Where every day brings a new discovery.

T-Rex fossil dig

Dinosaurs, mammoths, fish and plants. Discover animals never before seen by human eyes on a paleontology dig for a day or for a week.

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Archaeology digs are available for people of all ages and in many places around the world. Find evidence of ancient peoples and cultures.