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Our partners

Ancient Odysseys works closely with industry advisors and partners to craft incredible experiential itineraries to accompany many of the dig expeditions we offer.  

Our travel advisory partners include:

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For our custom Peru, Africa and Ireland itineraries, Ancient Odysseys partners with Latitude Expeditions, an international adventure travel advisory based in Carlsbad California. Latitude Expeditions has broad experience and vetted partners and handle all travel arrangements, logistics, billing, excursions, travel insurance, and travel inquiries.

See for more information.

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Off the beaten track experiences and unique landscapes await you on your Australian Geographic travels. Immerse yourself in breathtaking landscapes, bird watching and wildlife conservation while enjoying authentic interactions with local people and our ancient First Nations culture. From fresh local seafood to flights into remote wilderness World Heritage areas, journeying with us is awe-inspiring.

Our industry partnerships + memberships include:

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Blue Skies

Ancient Odysseys Advisory Board

Kimberly Daley

Founder & CEO 
Daley & Company

Kimberly Daley is a business transformation leader with success executing operational and marketing growth across organizations in hospitality. 


Prior to launching Daley & Company, she served as an executive for many of the most iconic brands in travel, including as the President & CEO for MT Sobek; Senior Vice President of Sales Strategy for Pleasant Holidays and its four brands; Vice President and Managing Director of Journese; and at Abercrombie & Kent as Vice President and Senior Director of Marketing. 


Go CustomTravel

Laura Mandelkorn copy coming

Gretchen Marks

Marketing Consultant

Gretchen Marks is a Marketing executive with 30 years of experience. Avid fossil hunter, field and lab volunteer for several paleontology museums. Enthusiastic adventure traveler. 

Creative Director

Spark Project

Gabriel Fernandez is Creative Director and Marketer with wide experience in top consumer brands such as Procter & Gamble, Hewlett Packard, Nestle, Bayer, and others. His experience includes the development of strategic planning, creative campaigns, interactive marketing, sales promotion, and visual merchandising. And, he is an advocate of exploration-based travel, especially in his home country of Colombia!

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