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Be a paleontologist
for a day or for a week

Join a dig to find dinosaur bones and other fossils

Dig Camps for Kids

Experience the most rewarding vacation ever by going on a paleontology dig

There are few things more intriguing and awe-inspiring than finding evidence of life that existed thousands and even millions of years ago.
From dinosaurs to hominids and early m
ammals to reptiles, insects and plants, on Ancient Odysseys, you'll find an array of paleontology digs to pique your sense of curiosity, whatever your age. 


Multi-Day Digs

One Day Digs

Not a paleontologist? Not a problem.


No experience necessary! You will be training and working

alongside paleontologists who, with your help, will excavate

important evidence of the ancient life that populated the earth. 

Fossil digs are always being added, so check back or subscribe to our newsletter.


Contribute to scientific research


Ancient Odysseys believes in the importance of excavations for the sake of study and research. Fossils are part of our natural and cultural heritage and belong to everyone. All Ancient Odysseys digs (including archaeology digs) are conducted for the benefit of science and each dig site is associated with a museum or repository so that the fossils can be studied and exhibited for all to enjoy. That means that any and all materials you help excavate

will not be sold for personal gain.  

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