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Camping in Mountains


*Prices and dates subject to change,

2022 Dates
1 week/Monday-Friday
Week 1: June 6-June 10
Week 2: June 13-June 17
Week 3: June 20-June 24
Week 4: June 27-July 1

Space is limited to
8 people per week

Dig: $700/week*

2022 Dates

1 week/Monday-Friday

Week 1: June 6-June 10

Week 2: June 13-June 17

Week 3: June 20-June 24

Week 4: June 27-July 1

Space is limited to 8 people per week


Add the 4-day itinerary  $4,300
Add the 9-day itinerary  $8,000

Prices starting at

Prices starting at

Clicking the above links will take you directly to this dig's contact page. Participation is subject to availability and is at the full discretion of the dig location. Prices and dates dates subject to change. 

Based on double occupancy. | Flights and rental car costs not included | Prices and dates subject to change.

Option 3: Big Dig-Kronosaurus Korner-Not for 2022?

  • 10+ yrs with children 10-16 accompanied by a paying adult.

  • July 12-16. Space is limited to 14 participants

Unlock your inner-palaeontologist and explore Australia’s ancient marine past. Kronosaurus Korner is offering a 5-day field experience in July. Participants will experience an authentic fossil dig with our resident Palaeontologist and Curator who will teach adventurers how to find, identify, and excavate a large 100 million year old fossil.


Your Big Dig experience begins at Kronosaurus Korner with a tour learning about the palaeogeography of Richmond and the amazing prehistoric life that existed in the local area. The tour features the most complete marine reptile known from Australia (the Richmond polycotylid) along with other marine creatures of the Early Cretaceous Eromanga Seaway – from ichthyosaurs to ammonites and even the occasional pterosaur. 

We will then travel daily to the dig site in the local area. This specimen’s details have remained top secret from all but the Kronosaurus Staff. Under our guidance you will learn to differentiate between the fossils and surrounding rock. You will be amongst the first to witness the fossils emerging after 100 million years. There may be the requirement for extracting the fossil from the site in a plaster jacket. All participants will be given the opportunity to be involved in this process.

Although Kronosaurus Korner puts no age limit on participants, we that Big Dig participants be over the age of 10. Children aged 10-16 years must be accompanied by a paying adult. This is because some of the tools and technique used in fossil preparation require dedicated focus and physical strength.


It is important to emphasize that any fossils found at the site must not be retained for private collections.The state of Queensland has laws regarding vertebrate fossils and it is imperative that we follow these regulations.

Cost and What's Included

  • Dig only: AU$1,500.00 per person per 5 day dig. Includes morning tea and lunch each day

  • Dig + Accommodations: AU$2,500.00 per person or $4,000.00 per couple per 5 day dig. Includes accommodation at Lakeview Caravan Park and all meals


  • Five days of fossil excavation with all digging tools and equipment supplied

  • A tour of Kronosaurus Korner with palaeontologist Michelle Johnston

  • All lunch, snacks and beverages at the dig site

  • Rainy day activities, including palaeontology lectures and fossil preparation courses

For the Big Dig, you'll also need:

  • A backpack

  • Work clothes - including some long sleeved shirts

  • Notebook & pens

  • Rain gear

  • Fly veil

  • Gaiters

Paleontology Explorers:
South Dakota

Dates: July 9-14

Starts and ends in: Rapid City, SD

Cost: $xxx

Application due: Feb 5, 2023




  • Search for fossils on the Oregon Coast and in the central Oregon high desert


Accommodations: W?


Participation is subject to availability and is at the full discretion of the Sternberg Museum. Prices and dates dates subject to change. 


Read an article in AFAR Magazine, where Mark Johanson writes of his experience participating on a dig at Jornada Research Institute. Find out why citizen science travel is impactful, rewarding and benefits the work being done by the researchers. 

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Gretchen Marks

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What's Included in the Cost:


Breakfast and lunch are provided to all participants. Camping and space for pull-behind campers is available onsite, but all dig participants must provide their own camping equipment, or RV.  For those camping on-site, dinner will also be provided. The site has portable toilets and fresh water.

For those who prefer to stay in town, there are many accommodations to choose from in the town of Laramie which is only 20 minutes away, but this is not covered in the program cost.

What to Bring:

Campers must bring all camping equipment including tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads and chairs. Please ensure tents and poles can withstand high winds. No cooking supplies are needed, unless you would like to have your own special snacks and drinks.

Participants will need to provide their own transportation to the site each day. The site is accessible by any vehicle, but high clearance vehicles are recommended (e.g., a Subaru or Rav4 at least).


All participants will need to bring basic work attire, including work boots, work gloves, a water bottle, sunscreen, strong insect repellant, and preferably long sleeve shirts and long pants.

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