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Discover the Best 2024 Dinosaur and Fossil Digs Near You – Part 2

From dinosaur and megafauna digs in Australia to one-day fossil digs in the US, dig into the adventure in 2024!

Winton, Queensland

The Australian Age of Dinosaurs is in an area of Queensland bursting with dinosaurs. All these new discoveries require fossil preparation and that's where you come in! At AAOD, you'll be hands-on preparing 100 million year old dinosaur fossils.


Perfect for: Anyone who wants to learn how to clean and prepare fossils for research, study and display.


March-October | Mon-Sat

AU $99 for 1-day Prep-a-Dino 

Lightning Ridge, New South Wales

One of the holy grails of fossil locales is this dig in Lightning Ridge, Australia, home to some of the rarest fossils in the world. It is here that dinosaurs, tiny mammals, snails and flora were fossilized in black opal.

Perfect for: A fun, educational, hands-on expedition in one of the most spectacular fossil locales in the world.

.August 19-24, 2024

August 25-31 for returning participants

$2,200-$2,400 for 6 days

Republic, Washington

Unearth 50 million-year-old plants, insects, and fish fossils! Visitors of all ages are welcome at Stonerose, and everyone finds something to keep.

Perfect for: Families who want to hunt for and find fossils together.


May, Sept and Oct | Wed-Sun 

Memorial Day-Labor Day | Open daily

$5-$15 for 1 day



Eulo, Queensland

Australian paleontological finds are EXPLODING and you can be a part of the discoveries! Take part in this 10-day itinerary which includes five full days working "out in the field" to unearth the fossilized remains of the Diprotodon, the world's largest Ice Age marsupial. The itinerary also includes time in the fossil prep lab, opal fossicking, hot spring soaks and more!

Perfect for: A true, hands-on dig expedition and fun itinerary located in the glorious Outback of Australia.

August 4-13, 2024

AU $6,900 for 10 days

Includes all tools, training, accommodations, in-country transport and most meals.


The Karoo, South Africa

This exclusive expedition takes you to one of the most important fossil locales in the world. Over 14 days, you'll be working with paleontologists at five fossil sites in The Karoo of South Africa! The itinerary also includes a private tours of the animal and hominid fossils at the Evolutionary Studies Institute, two days on safari and more!

Perfect for: The adventurer who revels in true discovery who wants to get hands-on at some of South Africa's most significant fossil sites.

October 1-15 2024

$8,599 for two weeks

Includes all tools, training, accommodations, in-country transport and most meals.

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