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Fund a dinosaur discovery

If you love dinosaurs, there are a few ways you can make sure that scientific research and expeditions continue to occur. The sad reality is that, as much as dinosaurs (and paleontology and archaeology for that matter) continue to intrigue kids and adults alike, funds for this work are not easy to come by. When governments and universities allocate grants and funds, earth science programs are not as top of mind as other programs. That means that archaeology and paleontology don't often have the money for fieldwork to uncover more fossils and artifacts. It's a sad situation because even in a place like the United States where there are locations which abound in dinosaur fossils, there usually isn't enough money to pay museum or university teams to collect them.

Joining a dinosaur dig helps fund the research and science

Did you know that one way you can help fund a dinosaur dig and the research and science conducted is to actually go on a dinosaur dig yourself? By paying to join a paleontology dig, you are providing the researcher with needed funds, and your fees go directly towards that research. Not only will your fees help pay the costs of running the dig, your tools and food, but just as importantly, volunteers actually help collect the valuable specimens. It’s like citizen science on steroids!

Donate this Giving Tuesday

If you support STEM, believe in the importance of scientific research and want to be a science partner, this Giving Tuesday, please consider funding one of the many worthy non-profit paleontology or archaeology organizations promoted on Ancient Odysseys. Or, better yet~go on a dig yourself! Whichever way you choose to put money toward the science, it will equate to more dinosaur digs and more funds for research. And that’s a good thing! Plus, it’s not only fun to be a part of the discoveries on a dig, but you also have the chance to make a lasting contribution to science.

At Ancient Odysseys, we make it easy to find a dinosaur dig to join and donate to fund a dinosaur dig. Most of our dig detail pages contains a link to donate (where available). Please help fund dinosaurs, paleontology and archaeology this Giving Tuesday.

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