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Top dinosaur & paleontology gifts 2022

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

This holiday season, find the perfect gift for the dinosaur lover in your family. For both young or old, we've found some unique dinosaur-themed gifts that will be sure to result in a ROAR of thanks!

The products below were chosen by Ancient Odysseys with no influence or incentive from the product sellers. However, this post features several affiliate links, meaning we’ll earn a small commission if you purchase through these links.

10. Coconut fiber dinosaur planters~$65

These cute prehistoric planters will draw the attention of dinosaur lovers of all ages.

They are made of all-natural materials, so just like real dinosaurs, they are biodegradable. These three figures are handmade and between 9” and 12” high.

9. Dino handcrafted cotton quilt ~$199-$229

If you’ve ever dreamt of living with dinosaurs, this comfy dino quilt could be the closest you’ll come. Handcrafted and accented with appliqué and embroidery and made of 100% cotton, this pre-washed quilt has a lived-in softness. Available in twin and queen sizes.

8. Ammonite socks~$11.30

Swim through your day with these colorful unisex ammonite socks. Even though ammonites are among the most common fossils, these socks will still draw attention with their splash of underwater color.

7. T. rex skull replica with stand~$129

Ancient Odysseys’ mission is to help support the science conducted by researchers on paleontology and archaeology digs around the world. But that means that cool replicas are fair game—especially from a company that supports education and supplies museums and science institutions.

Own your own T. rex skull replica. Cast in resin and hand painted. Dimensions: 10.2" L x 5.9" W x 11.6" H

6. Lottie fossil hunter doll~ $25.99

If you have a budding paleontologist in your house, promote the awesomeness of STEM careers with little Lottie. She comes equipped for the field with tools, a backpack and her own ammonites. Celebrate girl-power in paleontology!

For more ideas, read our Top Paleontology ideas from 2023!

5. Raptor Ridge coffee~ $14.95 for 12 oz

No true paleontologist hits the field before downing a cup of joe at oh-dark-thirty. Next field season, grab Bellingham Coffee Roaster’s Raptor Ridge blend for when you need something ancient that says I’m not only awake, but I just might bare my fangs today. Rich, well balanced deep body, hints of cocoa, with a subtle sweet after-taste.

4. Geological timescale water bottle~$39.95

Working out in the field can be hot, grueling work and staying hydrated is a must. Keep your water cold and at hand with this vacuum-sealed steel water bottle decorated with the geological timescale. It’s a textured design that’s BPA free and it also comes available in 32 oz size.

3. Jurassic Park MeUndies ~Prices vary

For a selection of colorful, stylish undies and playful fun, choose from a wide selection of Jurassic Park-inspired briefs, hipsters, boy shorts, boxers and bralettes.

2. Stuffed brachiosaurs (and the Ancient Odysseys mascot)~$13.99

We adopted little "Mitey" here as our company mascot as we traveled to visit fossil sites in the Australian Outback this year, and we wanted to share the DINO-mite love. This cute little stuffed brachiosaurus from Wild Republic was a real trooper the whole way. He's super soft and pleasantly colorful with stuffing made from 100% recycled water bottles, so he's eco-friendly too. We have the 10" size but he comes in 15" and 19" too.

1. Go on a dinosaur dig! ~Prices vary

For those who really love dinosaurs and fossils, give your loved one (or yourself) the most unforgettable gift of all by reserving your space on a paleontology dig for your next vacation. Work alongside scientists to excavate Triceratops, Sauropods, Ammonites, and more in the USA and Australia. There are lots of options to choose from and bragging rights are guaranteed.

If you are interested in Ancient Odysseys and finding out how to go on paleontology, dinosaur and archaeology digs around the world, please join our mailing list at to be the first to hear about new digs.

Research conducted with the assistance of Sarah Besser.

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