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2023 Top Dinosaur & Paleontology Gifts

This holiday season, find the perfect gift for fossil-lovers both young and old.

Shop for paleontology gifts in 2023

The products below were chosen by Ancient Odysseys with no influence or incentive from the product sellers. However, this post features several affiliate links, meaning we’ll earn a small commission if you purchase through these links.

10. Dinosaur Fossil Iron Pattern Rug ~ from $49.99

Dino fossil rug for a holiday gift

Some of us are lucky enough to live where dinosaur fossils are buried in the ground. But-if you'd always like to know that dinosaurs are directly under your feet at all times, this dinosaur fossil rug is for you. Fully washable, this rug comes in 5 different sizes in chenille or crystal velvet.

Paleontologist evolution tshirts are a great holiday gift

9. Paleontologist Evolution shirts ~ from $19.99

Science deniers, move along. Proclaim your love of evolution with these delightful paleontology shirts this holiday. Available in men's, women's, long-sleeved and short, these shirts come in eight colors.

8. History of Life Socks-Petrified Forest Edition ~ $18.95

Geologic Timescale socks for the paleontology lover in your life

On our travels this year, we visited Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona, and came across these cozy geologic timescale socks. They're the perfect boot socks for out in the field, and they cleverly have the park name within the purple Triassic period band of the sock! And, your purchase helps support one of Ancient Odysseys' dig locations. Socks are unisex, one size fits most and made from polyester, pandex, nylon and cotton.

Colorful dinosaur print combat boots are a gift for this holiday

7. Dinosaur Boots ~$65.00-$69.90

Stomp it up in these colorful dinosaur combat boots. Doc Martens, step aside, these handcrafted boots are sure to get a roar of approval. No dinosaurs were harmed in the making of these boots-they are "vegan-friendly" Available in both men's and women's sizes.

6. Sterling Silver Multi Fossil Bracelet~$447

A fossil bracelet is the perfect gift this holiday

For a truly one-of-a-kind gift, wrap your wrist in this beautifully crafted fossil bracelet from Charles Albert. Ammonite, amber, trilobite, coral and shark tooth adorn this little treasure. It's a definite conversation piece!

Holiday gifts for little paleontology-lovers-paleontolgist doll clothes

5. Paleontologist Doll Clothes~ $22.95

We find this little cutie's outfit hard to resist. Perfectly sized to fit American Girl or other 18" dolls, this 10-piece outfit is licensed with the Smithsonian. It includes a khaki hat, satchel bag, tablet with GPS, compass, dinosaur map, camera, dig block with surprise, mallet, pick and brush to be perfectly equipped for the field! (doll not included.)

If you want to know when new paleontology digs are added to Ancient Odysseys, please join our mailing list! See the link at page bottom.

Holiday gifts for paleontology-lovers-dino field notebook

4. Dinosaur Softcover Field Notebook~$14.95

This beautiful dinosaur patent-design notebook is perfect for note-taking out in the field. It's a little old school and a lotta useful with dot grid pages which allow you to take detailed field notes. The notebook measure has 56 sheets and is 6.75" x 9" Made from 100% recycled paper.

3. Tom's Dino Shoes ~starting at $29.99

Holiday gifts for paleontology-lovers-Tom's dino shoes

If you love Tom's shoes, you'll dig these dino shoes that come in three styles: alpargatas for women and kids, and slip ons for men (shown). There's no stealth attacks with these shoes...they glow in the dark! And just like all Tom's shoes-they invest ⅓ of profits for grassroots good to drive sustainable change.

2. Ray Troll Fabric~$19.00/yard

Holiday gifts for paleontology-lovers-Ray Troll fabrics

We had the supreme pleasure of meeting the incomparable paleo artist Ray Troll this past year who let us know that he'd developed these fantastically fossiliferous fabrics for purchase. There are 26 to choose from!

If you aren't already familiar with Ray Troll, you'll surely recognize his art. He illustrated the book Cruisin' the Fossil Freeway, written by Kirk Johnson.

1. Go on a paleontology dig! ~Prices vary

Best holiday gift ever-book a dinosaur dig

Give your loved one (or yourself) the most unforgettable gift of all by booking a paleontology dig for your next vacation. Work alongside scientists to excavate Triceratops, Diprotodons, opalized fossils, Trilobites, and more in the USA and Australia. There are lots of options to choose from and bragging rights are guaranteed. Gift certificates available upon request.

For more ideas, check out our Top Paleontology ideas from 2022!

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